I Believe

"every cloud has a silver lining"

Image by paparutzi via Flickr

I believe that cold nights won’t be long,
Because a bright new day will break along;
I believe every cloud has a silver lining,
Every word in the dictionary has a meaning.

I believe there’s an answer for a question,
For every problem there’s a solution;
I believe there’s a word for every heart,
And there’s a role we have to take part.

I believe in every risk we are to grow,
In the dark there’s a spark that glow;
I believe there’s a rise for every fall,
And equal laughter for tears that befall.

I believe that failure can be a success,
In the highest star we have an access;
I believe in every wish coming true,
But never in my dreams fading through.

Copyright ©2007 Maria Ceniza Rivera Marcial

About cenizamarcial

I am a medical representative by profession, and a writer by passion. I also run an online fashion retailing shop. My entire being roots from the unconditional love and perseverance of my family.
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