Why would I go back to my very first love?

I have always loved writing, especially poetry. I have lost my passion for such imaginative mind endeavor when I got devoted with my course (BS Bio/Mcb) and then got eventually insanely screwed up with my current job as a medical representative. I don’t know if it’s just coincidental that recently (i don’t know why!) that passion for writing came back to me just like a flash from outer space, just almost the same time when I passed through a long lost friend that have wholly inspired my writing prowess.I am completely sure that it’s no longer love for the person (like it used to be some ancient years ago!), but definitely just love for writing which has always been my one and only passion. In line with this, I would like to share some of the poems that I used to share with that person who “used” to mean the world to me.

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